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30 03, 2019

How Epoxy Flooring Stacks Up Against Traditional Flooring


How Epoxy Flooring Stacks Up Agaisnt Traditional Flooring One of the most asked questions that any epoxy floor installer is asked is," how is epoxy flooring better than say, tile or hardwood?" Today we are going to take a deeper look into the most popular traditional floorings like tile and hardwood flooring systems to show you exactly how epoxy flooring is better on so many levels. Let us get started with tile! Tile VS Epoxy While tile may have one of the biggest selections of appearance to choose from, there is always [...]

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27 03, 2019

What To Consider Before You Have An Epoxy Flooring Installed


What To Consider Before You Have An Epoxy Flooring Installed While epoxy flooring is one of the top flooring systems that are available on the market to this date, there are still a few things that should be taken into consideration before you decide to have an epoxy flooring system professionally installed. The epoxy flooring system offers hundreds of different of ways that it can benefit your home or your business but there are some cons to this flooring as well, while the pros greatly outnumber the cons are still there and need to be brought to [...]

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25 03, 2019

Top Reasons To Consider An Epoxy Flooring System In Your Basement


Top Reasons To Consider An Epoxy Flooring System In Your Basement When it comes to choosing flooring for your basement it can cause a huge headache. There aren't any real flooring solutions that can actually last in the damp and unforgiving environment that the basement creates. Well, that was before the creation of waterproof and moisture resistant flooring that is the basement epoxy floor coating! Along with waterproofing your basement floor, there are hundreds of ways that the basement epoxy coating can benefit your basement and that is what we are going to be taking a deeper [...]

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6 03, 2019

Maintenance tips for epoxy flooring.


Maintenance Tips For Epoxy Flooring. The great thing about an epoxy floor is that maintenance is almost completely nonexistent. However, nothing can last without some type of maintenance routine, whether it is your garage, basement, kitchen, or patio, below are tips that will help lengthen your floors lifespan: 1. If you spill something, simply wipe it up as soon as possible with anything handy. Do not leave spills on your floors for long periods of time. 2. A routinely light mop or sweep is to maintain a hygienic floor and to remove any harmful substances on your [...]

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2 03, 2019

Epoxy flooring vs traditional concrete floors.


Epoxy Flooring VS Traditional Concrete Floors An epoxy floor compared to traditional polished concrete floors offer some more long-term solutions. Traditional polished concrete floors are incredibly beautiful and are cost effective solutions for commercial and residential properties. Epoxy floors are also cost-effective solutions, their value is in their many benefits for industrial, commercial, and residential settings. Both floors offer fantastic opportunities for design and protection for your floors and properties. Next To No Daily Maintenance Polished concrete floors are great to enhance the looks of your already smooth concrete floors. It is [...]

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