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26 02, 2019

Why epoxy flooring is the superior flooring type for both commercial and residential?


Why Epoxy Flooring is The Superior Flooring Type For Both Commercial And Residential? When installing a new flooring system in your home or business, the typical wood, tile, or carpet comes to mind; however, in recent years epoxy flooring has been the go-to for interior designers because of the many benefits a concrete epoxy floor offers. For a commercial or residential area, epoxy floors are far more superior to their counterparts because they will last against daily life. Commercial areas that need durable floors to last against wear and tear from high foot-traffic benefit considerably from epoxy [...]

Why epoxy flooring is the superior flooring type for both commercial and residential?2019-08-27T04:04:10+00:00
24 02, 2019

Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring In Iowa


Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring In Iowa The benefits of an epoxy floor, whether the climate is cold or warm, do not falter. Epoxy floors are made and installed to be able to withstand more than other flooring systems for all industries. Commercial epoxy, residential epoxy, and industrial garage epoxy all have long-lasting durable qualities that cannot be mimicked by other flooring systems. Residential Epoxy Epoxy flooring in Iowa many benefits, especially for your garage and basement. Garage epoxy floors offer a sturdy surface that is easily cleaned and maintained year-round. During the [...]

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