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Basement Flooring

Flooring For All Your Needs

Are you tired of your basement being a dull, dark or moist environment that not all of your family can enjoy? Well we know that your basement is only as good as the flooring you put in it but thankfully you can have the top-rated basement flooring contractors finish your basement!
We offer a wide range of coating that can change the way you see and use your basement. Want to see how we can transform your basement? Down below, you will find what our basement flooring systems can do for you.

The Basement Flooring Systems We Offer

Styling For Any Environment

Where traditional basement flooring options like wood, carpet or laminate rot or fail within a few years, you can feel trapped in a cruel cycle that seems endless. But we offer amazing concrete coatings that provide amazing benefits and options for customization to fit any styling. Down below, you can find our coatings and what they can do for you:
Metallic Epoxy Basement Floor
Metallic Epoxy Floors
Metallic epoxy floor coatings are one of the best coatings that anyone can use in the basement. With the addition of metallic pigmentation to our already amazing epoxy floor coating, we can craft finishes that mimic the appearance of clouds, waves and even lava! Since these coatings are so unique, they are impossible to replicate, leaving you with a one of a kind basement flooring system no matter what!
Rustic Wood Flooring
Rustic Wood Concrete
If you love the look of traditional wood flooring, you may have thought you were out of luck, but not with our rustic wood concrete! Our rustic wood concrete is a variant of stamped concrete that uses stamps to replicate the appearance of traditional wood. This coating also offers minimal maintenance to keep its lifelike appearance intact with the replacement of seal coats every 1-3 years.
Basement Epoxy Coating
Basement Epoxies
Our standard basement epoxies may not offer the same dazzling design as metallic epoxies but they offer the same level of protection! Basement epoxies are strongly regarded for their strength as they are up to 10 times stronger than a standard concrete flooring system. Not to mention, our epoxies can withstand dropped objects, heavy traffic and are 100% waterproof.
Basement Epoxy Floor Coating
Improved Safety
It doesn’t matter which of our coatings that you choose one thing is for sure, they are going to make your basement safer! Down below, you can find out how:
  • Our coatings can implement silica sand additives in their topcoats, making it safer and easier to walk on when wet
  • Epoxies offer the ability to make your basement up to 150% brighter without additional lighting sources
  • Our coatings protect from bacteria growth like mold, mildew and even fungi
Basement Floor Finish Epoxy
Increased Home Value
A feature of all of our basement flooring options is the increase in value your home stands to gain from a finished basement. As a matter of fact, flooring your basement can warrant a 70-75% return investment and an increase in the value of your home by upwards of 5%. Not to mention, applying one of our coatings over your concrete can dramatically increase its lifespan as our coatings offer a 20-30 year service life.
Decorative Epoxy Basement Floor
Carefree Maintenance
Nobody wants to be stuck in the basement all-day maintaining their basement so why not use one of our coatings that offer carefree maintenance? Down below, you will find what our coatings offer:
  • No drastic maintenance regiment, only a standard mop, and broom required
  • On our rustic wood concrete system, you can use a wax to help your sealer last longer
  • When opting in for a top coat on your epoxy, it will need to be replaced every 5-10 years
Epoxy Basement Concrete Floor

The Risks Of Traditional Concrete

Little To No Protection

When it comes to leaving your basement floor uncoated, you are leaving your basement unprotected. Not only will your concrete be much colder when left uncoated, the problem has nothing to do with the comfort of your basement. Concrete tends to crack and when you let your basement concrete crack, you are exposing your home to much more damage than you may think. Cracks can allow moisture into your basement, causing damage to your belongings and the structural integrity of your home.
That is where a basement flooring system can come into play. We repair all cracks in the concrete slab before application of any material, meaning your cracks will be reinforced with an epoxy or concrete based filler, restoring the slabs structural integrity and in turn reducing the likelihood of cracks reappearing in your coating!
Des Moines Iowa
If your looking for a flooring system that is durable, long lasting, and customizable then epoxy flooring is your best choice. Epoxy flooring systems are known for their extremely durable properties which make them perfect for both commercial and residential applications. Call now for a free quote!

Basement Waterproofing

A Drier, Safer Basement

Basement Flooring
Homeowners are flocking towards a process known as basement waterproofing for more reasons than one. As we have talked about up above, water in your basement means a world of problems that you have to deal with. Not only will it cause mildew or mold, but it can also make your basement unsafe for you and your home itself.
That is why our team of basement waterproofing contractors offer the service of basement waterproofing and we use the exact flooring systems we have talked about above! Epoxies are the most common form of waterproofing due to its nonporous design and ability to keep moisture locked on the outside where it belongs.

Count On The Pros!

Iowas Most Trusted Basement Flooring Contractors

Epoxy Basement
We urge you to never leave the application of a basement flooring system to just anyone. There are specific steps that need to be taken to properly install and prepare to install flooring in the basement that can take years to master and the right tools to get the job done. Here at Artistic Concrete Designs, we have all of the above!
We have a decade of combined experience, access to the highest-grade materials on the market and a strong warranty to give you that extra peace of mind. Curious about what else we can do for you? Take a look at our home page to find everything we bring to our neighbors in Iowa.
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