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Epoxy Flooring

One of a kind flooring system

Being one of the top epoxy coating companies in Des Moines Iowa brings us the opportunity to transform your home, commercial facility or industrial facility with the some of the lowest rates you can find.
More and more people are flocking towards our epoxy coating systems as they are attractive, long lasting and durable. Whether you want something simplistic and basic or if you want flash and glamour, our epoxy floor coatings will be sure to amaze.

Types Of Epoxy Floor Coatings

Anything to suit your needs

With so many uses our epoxy floor coatings provide, homeowners to factory owners have one thing in common. They use and love our epoxy flooring systems. Our epoxy flooring contractors only use the highest quality materials on the market ensuring that your flooring will be able to perform for years to come.
Epoxy floor coating Companies
Garage Floor Epoxy
Garage floor epoxy is quickly becoming the most popular use of epoxy concrete coating systems in Des Moines, Iowa as they are durable and cost-effective. Protect your garage floor with the superior protection of an epoxy garage floor!
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Self Leveling Epoxy Systems
These self-leveling epoxy flooring systems are the favorite in commercial facilities such as garages, warehouses, and kitchens as they provide a seamless and solid surface. Self-leveling epoxy may even be used in an industrial setting, being able to withstand heavy vehicle traffic.
Commercial Epoxy floor coating
Commercial Epoxy Systems
Epoxy flooring is a clear cut solution to your commercial facilities flooring. An epoxy floor coating is able to withstand heavy vehicle traffic, the impact from heavy objects, resists stains plus it is easy to clean and maintain making it the perfect flooring for a commercial facility.
Metallic Epoxy resin floor
Metallic Epoxies
Metallic epoxies set the standard for flooring that is as beautiful as it is durable. With a metallic epoxy floor coating, your surfaces won’t only have the durability of an epoxy flooring but will also be a work of art.
Basement Epoxy floor coating
Basement Epoxy Coatings
For many homeowners in Des Moines Iowa, the basement flooring is very important. Our epoxy basement coatings will ensure a strong and durable floor that can protect against moisture, so say goodbye to mold and mildew. A basement epoxy coating will also be very easy to clean.
Industrial Epoxy flooring
Industrial Epoxy Flooring
Industrial settings have guidelines that flooring has to meet. Epoxy flooring in Des Moines offers a highly reflective and solid surface that is easy to clean and requires nearly zero maintenance. Epoxy is also highly resistant to most chemicals so your flooring will be worry free!
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Residential Epoxy Flooring

The Superior Choice

Many of our neighbors in Des Moines turn to use when it comes time to replace their flooring in their home. Thought the most popular application of an epoxy coating is in a garage or shop, but with the stunning appearance of epoxy systems they can be placed anywhere! With its strength, beauty, and ability to resist oil, gasoline, and other spills, epoxy coating systems are the go-to choice for many homeowners.
With the ability to have a seamless and a durable flooring you won’t ever think twice about what your flooring can handle. With our endless selection of decorative and metallic epoxies, you won’t have to fear your home resembles a commercial or industrial facility. See more of our fantastic flooring solutions by visiting the homepage!
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If your looking for a flooring system that is durable, long lasting, and customizable then epoxy flooring is your best choice. Epoxy flooring systems are known for their extremely durable properties which make them perfect for both commercial and residential applications. Call now for a free quote!

Leave it to the Pros

Decades of experience

Garage Floor Epoxy
Don’t leave the installation of your epoxy coating to just anyone. The preparation is the most important part of the process and it determines how strong and how long your flooring will last. Your concrete will first be diamond ground or shot blasted to open the pores of your concrete. Next, any oil stains or blemishes will be lifted and cracks will be filled to ensure a clean and seamless surface.
The epoxy coating will then be rolled onto your clean slab and after a 72 hour cure time, you will have some of the most beautiful and durable flooring available today on the market. Don’t trust any DIY kits as they are not as high quality as our materials and will not last as long.

Made from your Dreams

Reality from imagination

Epoxy Coating Contractors
Even though the durability and lifetime of an epoxy flooring system are enough for some homeowners and business owners, a focal point is the appearance. Will hundreds of different colors, textures and designs your flooring will be true to you. With the addition of flakes or metallic additives, your flooring will be sure to drop some jaws.
With designs from showing the direction of travel or workflow in an industrial facility to placing a sports team emblem in a man cave, the beauty of epoxy flooring is that you can do whatever you want with this concrete coating. With many different applications, an epoxy floor coating is perfect for residential, commercial and industrial facilities all alike.
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Epoxy Flooring Des Moines, Iowa


Still hesitant to take the leap into epoxy flooring? Want a couple of your questions answered first? Below are some of the most asked questions we receive from our clients, if you have a more specific question, contact us today!

How durable is an epoxy floor coating?
Epoxy coating systems are the most durable and long lasting flooring that is on the market. Epoxy floor coatings are able to withstand even the harshest cleaning procedures performed in medical operating rooms, heavy impact from dropped items and are super resistant to stains. The overall durability of your epoxy flooring will come down to how strong your pre-existing concrete, for an exact approximation contact one of our epoxy flooring contractors!
How long do epoxy coatings usually last?
The lifetime of your epoxy flooring includes many factors but with our epoxy flooring contractors can increase your flooring lifetime by years. With the correct preparation and installation, your flooring can last up to twenty years! You can also do your part by making sure you do the required cleaning and maintenance on your flooring. Depending on the purpose your flooring serves, such as an industrial plant where the flooring has to withstand heavy traffic and harsh chemicals, your flooring will last 2-3 years.
What if my concrete slab is cracked?
The solution for a cracked concrete slab is simple as long as the damage to the concrete isn’t structural. With our epoxy floor contractors years of experience, a concrete repair will be a piece of cake. The cracks will be filled with an epoxy filler and ground level using a diamond wheel to the existing concrete. After this process is complete the surface is cleaned and the epoxy is applied to leave a beautiful and seamless surface.