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Are you tired of seeing ugly, stained and cracked concrete? Well, Epoxy Iowa has the solution for you with our specialized concrete coatings. Our concrete coatings offer resistance to multiple hazards such as extreme temperature, the impact from heavy objects, won’t be harmed from moisture and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
With our decorative concrete coatings, not only will your flooring serve a purpose, it will make your neighbors and competitors green with envy.

Where to find Concrete Coatings

Do you need it?

Many people in Iowa have already recognized the benefits of our concrete coatings and have made the leap. We only use the highest grade materials for you to ensure our product will last. Allow us to show you only a few of the uses that our concrete coatings can implement to your life.
Concrete Coatings For Pool Decks
Living areas
Living areas in your home are used heavily every day and require a flooring option that is both durable and attractive. With our decorative floor coatings, you will have superior durability with an appearance that cannot be replicated by any other traditional flooring.
Garage Epoxy Coating
Garages and auto shops
An industrial auto shop and a home garage are very similar in some ways. Both of their concrete coatings need to be able to withstand the weight of vehicles and also be resistant from stains and impact from a heavy object. Our epoxy concrete coating is the right material for the job.
Epoxy Coating For Concrete Basement Floors
Basements are prone to moisture and many types of traditional flooring options fail to last more than a couple of years in this environment. Here at Epoxy Iowa, we offer specially formulated concrete coatings that will last decades in wet environments and won’t be slippery with our special additives.
Epoxy Concrete Floor
At Epoxy Iowa, we know how strict the requirements at an industrial facility are. Your flooring needs to stand up to heavy forklift traffic and harsh chemicals. We can offer you a business investment in flooring that can last in these conditions for up to 20 years!
Concrete Repair Contractors
Not only are plain concrete driveways boring, but they are also very costly and laborious to clean. With our concrete coating, your driveway will be one of a kind and very easy to maintain as our coatings are stain resistant! A simple rinse every so often is all you’ll need!
Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating
Commercial facilities need flooring that withstands heavy foot traffic as well as skid resistant for the safety of workers and pedestrians alike. With our concrete coating systems in Iowa, you will receive a seamless and durable flooring that is sure to maintain a safe facility with anti-slip technology.
Metallic Epoxy Floor Des Moines

Custom flooring

Make it yours

A huge benefit of choosing a decorative concrete coating such as a metallic epoxy is the fact that your flooring will truly be one of a kind. Our decorative concrete coatings team has an endless list of what you can do with your coating with hundreds of different colors and effects that can be used. Not only can different designs and colors be used, but we can place a logo anywhere, from storefront to man cave.
The best feature of decorative concrete coatings is that you won’t have to give up durability for beauty. Decorative concrete coatings keep their superior damage resistance, resistance to staining, and are super easy to maintain and clean as there are no waxes and polishes. With decorative concrete coatings, you get the best of both worlds! Learn more about how you can customize your concrete flooring on the homepage!
Concrete Coatings
Des Moines Iowa
Our team of concrete coating contractors have decades of combined experience so you won’t have to worry about your flooring being installed incorrectly. Make sure to call us today for a free quote!

How we prep the surface

A proven process

Clear Coat For Concrete Floors
Our team of concrete coating contractors have decades of combined experience prepping surfaces for a concrete coating. The first step in the prep stage is a quick clean by picking up and loose debris and a quick wash down with a pressure washer or Hotsy to start with a clean work surface.
Once that is done the surface will either be ground down with a diamond wheel system or shot blasted to open the pores and profile the concrete. If any cracks are present, they will be filled with a specially formulated material that will fill the crack. Once the material is dry, it will be ground flush to the deck. After another quick washdown and the area is masked, the application of material will begin.

How long does it last?

An investment in your future

Concrete Coating Contractors
Our team ensures every concrete coating we apply in Des Moines Iowa is prepped correctly no matter what. Depending on how you use your flooring will greatly determine how long your flooring will last. But since we use the highest quality materials available on the market, our flooring will last at least 10 years with some cases of our flooring lasting 20 years!
The reason our flooring last so much longer than other traditional flooring is the superior bonds that are created from tedious preparation. Our concrete coatings become one with your concrete slab giving it a thick layer of water resistant, impact proof and easy to maintain flooring. Not only will your concrete slab last 2-3 times longer, But It will also be up to 300 percent stronger!
Professional, Affordable, and Reliable
Concrete Coatings Des Moines, Iowa


Still unsure if you need a concrete coating? Need some questions asked before you make the switch? Below are some of the most asked questions we receive from our clients, feel free to give us a call today for any unanswered questions!

What type of concrete floor coating should I use?
Our team has a concrete coating system that will fit your needs no matter what they are. From industrial concrete coatings to a simple coating for your washroom, we have you covered. For a more in-depth solution for your flooring needs, give us a call today and receive a free quote!
How long has your company been installing concrete coatings?
Our team of licensed concrete coating contractors have decades of combined experience and won’t shy away from any job. No matter the setting from industrial to residential you can count on us to make sure you concrete coating is functional and beautiful for years to come!
Does your company offer free quotes?
Yes, we are happy to provide a free estimate for any concrete coating service for our neighbors in Iowa. After calculating total workload and what type of material your concrete coating is, we will provide a free written estimate so call us today!