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Pool Deck Resurfacing

Your personal oasis

Has your pool decking turned into an eyesore? Tired of your deck or just want to add your own personal touch? Well as one of the top pool deck resurfacing companies here in Des Moines Iowa, we can transform your old pool deck into a version of your own personal oasis.
Whether you want a simple quant look or a sophisticated modern look, we have you covered with years of combined experience from our team.

Benefits Of Resurfacing Your Deck

Transform your pool

With so many different pool deck resurfacing options to choose from, it can be a hard decision to make on what materials you wish to use. So down below we have some of the most popular choices from our neighbors in Des Moines Iowa!
Deck around pool
Kool Decking
Kool decking is the most popular pool deck material for a reason. Since 1962 kool deck for pools has served as one of the best methods of reflecting heat and adding grip to a slippery surface.
Pool deck pavers
Acid Stain
Stained concrete offers a very unique look as it can be used to replicate stones and other synthetic materials to create a stunning colored concrete pool deck. While there is a misconception that it is slippery, the sealer used around pools contains an additive with salt like appearance to add grip, so no accidents!
stamped concrete pool deck
Overlays are a unique way to add a marbling type effect to your pool. With hundreds of custom colors to choose from, you can make your pool deck one of a kind. With lighter colored overlays, your pool deck will even be cooler on your feet than traditional concrete!
Deck around pool
Fresh Paint
While a fresh coat of paint may sound boring, painting your pool deck can add a whole different perspective on a pool deck. This is the most affordable option as but our team uses the best concrete deck paint on the market
Resurface pool deck
Stamped Concrete
Stamped concrete pool decks are an excellent way to replicated exotic materials in Des Moines, IA. With options replications from wood to pavers, there is no limit to how you can customize your concrete pool deck with stamped concrete!
Pavers over concrete pool deck
Brick and Stone
Brick and stone are perfect for concrete pool deck resurfacing as they are easy to clean and resistant to the chlorinated water in your pool. Though these materials are very durable, replacing these materials are as easy as 1,2,3!
cool pool deck coating

Can My Deck be Saved?

Is it too late?

The bottom line when it comes to a repair on a concrete pool deck is that you cant repair structural damage. if your deck has small cracks, gouges or is just faded, you can resurface your pool deck. We will use a specially formulated material for pool deck crack repair that fills the crack. Once dry it will ground down using a diamond wheel till smooth with existing concrete ensuring a smooth indistinguishable repair.
You will know if it is too late for your concrete pool deck if have any problems with lifting, large cracks or severely damaged concrete. But, if you have your concrete replaced, our team would be happy to come back and help you transform your pool deck into a work of art.
Pool Deck Resurfacing
Des Moines Iowa
Our team has decades of combined experience and want to be a part of your team! If you want the best result possible, call us today and let’s get the ball rolling!

Imagination to Reality

A designers dream

Resurfacing pool deck
When you are thinking of how to resurface your deck, try to think outside of the box. Our team can achieve anything you can think up in your head. To resurface your pool deck you are not restricted to a single material. We can use any and all of the materials you want.
Not only does this produce a resurfaced pool deck that is pleasing to the eye, but you will also have a one of a kind product that came straight from your imagination. After your pool deck resurfacing procedure is complete, your neighbors in Des Moines Iowa will be green with envy. Don’t limit your homes renovations to just the pool deck, take a look at the homepage to find more options to revamp your homes flooring.

Benefits of Resurfacing Your Deck

Why take the leap

Pool cool deck
There are plenty of benefits that come with resurfacing your pool deck. Not only will your backyard be refreshed, but it will also be safer. Damaged concrete pool decks are very unsafe as they don’t perform as well as they should. When a pool deck goes left unrepaired, it can lead to problems with your pool itself.
Cracks and chips will develop in the pool as moisture will be seeping into the ground around your pool. Pool deck resurfacing is also a great way to add value to your home. Most people love an updated pool deck because a pool is a perfect place to entertain!
Professional, Affordable, and Reliable
Pool Deck Resurfacing Des Moines Iowa


Still wondering if pool deck resurfacing is the right choice for you? We know you probably have a few questions, so below are a few of the most asked questions we receive from our clients. Be sure to contact us today with any specific questions you may have!

What is pool deck resurfacing?
Pool deck resurfacing is when you have a crumbling eyesore of a deck want to refresh without tearing out concrete. Pool deck resurfacing is a surefire way to fall back in love with your pool. Materials used to resurface include pavers, overlays and a material called kool decking. All of these methods are proven to make the deck around your pool more enjoyable and safer for you and your family.
Could my existing pool decking be repaired?
It all depends on how damaged your concrete pool decking is. A pool deck with minimal damage such as hairline cracks, cracks that are not from structural damage or if you just want a refreshed pool deck are eligible. If you are unsure the type of damage you have, call us today to get a professional opinion!
How long does pool deck resurfacing take?
For different projects there are different timetables. Depending on how much area your pool decking covers or how much repairs are needed, your timetable for completion will vary of the average time of 3-4 days. The longest process of most pool decks is the designing stage! So call us today to get the ball rolling!