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    What Is Epoxy Flooring?

    Attractive, custom designs meet unrivaled durability

    Epoxy may look like thick paint when it’s applied but it’s definitely not. Epoxy concrete coatings in Des Moines are comprised of resins and hardeners that cause a chemical reaction when combined. When applied to carefully prepared concrete, the epoxy resin bonds with the concrete itself and cures — not dries — into an ultra-durable and long-lasting plastic material.
    At Artistic Concrete Designs Iowa, we use only high-grade 100% solids epoxy that’s formulated to withstand even harsh industrial and commercial settings as well as residential uses. Our epoxy flooring installers also take the time to prepare your concrete floor with repairs, stain treatments, and concrete grinding to ensure a strong bond that stands the test of time.
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    Metallic Epoxy floor coating

    Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings

    A one-of-a-kind 3D floor with an unbeatable price

    Looking for a floor system that really makes a statement? Whether it’s installed in a business lobby, basement, or garage, you can bet that a metallic epoxy floor in Cedar Rapids will get attention. A metallic epoxy floor system combines many colors of metallic pigments over a base coat as well as agitation in the form of solvents, blowers, and brushes to create a completely unique and mesmerizing effect.
    Metallic epoxy floors in Des Moines can look like lava, molten metal, flowing water, marble, and much more with three-dimensional ripples, craters, and flows. Metallic epoxy has an elegant style with the illusion of depth and movement that must be seen to be believed. We install custom metallic epoxy floors in hotel lobbies, office lobbies, stores, clubs, and more. Homeowners also appreciate metallic epoxy in the basement or garage for a beautiful finished floor system that adds eye-catching color and depth to an otherwise dark space.

    Our Concrete Services

    From concrete resurfacing to long-lasting concrete coatings

    Artistic Concrete Designs Iowa offers a wide range of concrete services to give your interior and exterior concrete new life. Whether you want a robust commercial floor system or you’re ready to renovate your basement or poolscape, you can count on us for high-quality and beautiful results.
    Concrete parking lot Contractors
    It’s hard to beat concrete epoxy coatings when it comes to value, durability, and longevity. Our epoxy floor coating contractors in Des Moines install epoxy flooring in residential, commercial, and industrial settings with a focus on thorough floor prep and high-grade 100% solids epoxy for long-lasting results. We can achieve any decorative effect you have in mind, including elegant metallic epoxy floors that resemble smoke, marble, or molten metal.
    Concrete Contractors
    One of the most cost-effective solutions to turn a concrete slab into finished flooring is concrete polishing. Concrete grinding and polishing turns your drab concrete into a highly reflective surface that’s far less porous and more durable. We can also incorporate custom stains and effects for a one-of-a-kind polished concrete floor that transforms your facility.
    Rubberrized floor coating
    Rubber Floor Coatings
    Transform interior or exterior concrete into an attractive waterproof and slip-resistant surface with a rubberized floor coating. This unique concrete coating system delivers a permanent waterproof system ideal for a garage or commercial setting. We can install a rubber coating for concrete floors in a gym, garage, auto shop, processing plant, or anywhere else in which water resistance and durability is needed.
    Pool Deck Repair
    Transform your pool deck from tired and worn-out to the beautiful oasis you are after. Concrete resurfacing is a cost-effective solution to give your aging pool deck a new color, texture, and custom pattern. There are many ways to rejuvenate and resurface a pool deck from coatings and stains to stamped concrete overlays.
    Concrete Wood Patio
    Enjoy the rich texture and color of real wood without the moisture and pest concerns or upkeep. A concrete wood floor uses a stamping and staining process to transform regular concrete into the realistic look and texture of wood planks. Concrete that looks like wood can be used outdoors for a pool deck or patio or it can be used inside such as in a basement where moisture bars the use of real wood flooring.
    Basement epoxy floor coating
    A basement can add valuable living space to your home but it’s also prone to moisture issues. Artistic Concrete Designs Iowa delivers cost-effective basement waterproofing in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and surrounding areas to reclaim your basement. A specialized coating is used to seal your concrete and prevent moisture from seeping up from the ground. This finished floor system solves water issues for good and delivers a beautiful decorative appearance.
    Resurfacing Existing concrete
    Concrete Sealing
    Want to extend the life of your concrete and protect any stain that’s been applied? Our concrete contractors offer affordable concrete washing and sealing to protect your concrete from hazards like de-icers, road salts, chemicals, and even water. Concrete sealing won’t make your concrete slippery; instead, it penetrates into the concrete’s pores to create a protective barrier without changing its color or texture.
    Metallic Epoxy Floor
    Nothing compares to the sophisticated beauty and stunning effect of a metallic epoxy floor system. Our epoxy flooring contractors in Des Moines can add the “wow” factor to any lobby, basement, garage, or commercial space with a metallic epoxy system with a unique pearlescent and three-dimensional effect. Not all epoxy installers can achieve beautiful metallic epoxy effects but we have the experience and training necessary to make your vision a reality.
    Slurry Systems
    Garage floor epoxy systems are perfect for pretty much any residential garage due to there extremely durable and long lasting properties. Not only are garage floor coatings more durable, but they also look much more professional than a standard concrete floor and can even increase the value of your home. Want more information about garage floor epoxy systems? Then feel free to give us a call!
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    We have developed industrial epoxy flooring systems for a wide range of industrial applications in Iowa

    Des Moines Concrete Polishing

    Attractive yet low-cost concrete flooring

    Need a waterproof, low-cost, and decorative floor system for your basement? What about an incredibly tough and virtually permanent commercial flooring solution? Polished concrete can fit these needs and more. Our concrete polishing contractors in Des Moines use a multi-step approach to give you custom polished concrete floors to fit your needs.
    Concrete grinding and polishing involves the use of a densifying chemical that actually makes the surface of your concrete denser and less porous. This also helps the concrete accept a high-gloss sheen through multiple stages of polishing. Don’t be fooled: polished concrete floors don’t need to be gray and industrial-looking. We can use a variety of water- and acid-based stains to achieve anything from mottled earth tones to deep and vibrant shades. We can also create custom patterns and even incorporate logos in a polished concrete floor.
    Durable Flooring Solutions
    That Last For Decades
    We offer unlimited ways to customize your commercial and residential epoxy floors with your choice of colors, patterns, and effects.

    Benefits of Epoxy Flooring in Des Moines

    Why epoxy is a smart investment

    Homeowners and facility owners in Iowa appreciate epoxy floor coatings for many reasons. Epoxy offers unique advantages for all types of environments, from harsh industrial settings with chemical exposure and extreme temperatures to residential basements and garages. Here’s what makes epoxy flooring a great investment.
    • Extreme durability. Epoxy holds up against all types of perils like extreme temperature, heavy machinery, chemical spills, moisture, vehicle traffic, and much more without deterioration, stains, or wear.
    • Affordable. An epoxy floor coating is one of the most cost-effective floor systems you can choose. Along with a low upfront cost for a custom floor, epoxy requires minimal care and it can last decades.
    • Safe and easy to sanitize. Epoxy flooring offers a slip-resistant surface that’s perfect for a garage or commercial building. Thanks to its seamless and resilient surface, it’s also a sanitary floor that meets USDA standards and may be installed in a commercial kitchen, public restroom, or a medical facility.
    • Bright and reflective. An epoxy concrete coating increases floor brightness by up to 300% thanks to its reflective surface. This improves visibility in work areas and brightens dark areas like a garage or basement.
    • Unlimited design choices. Epoxy can be installed in a single, sleek color, with a multi-color custom design or popular option like checkerboard, or with multi-colored epoxy flakes that give the look of granite. Metallic epoxy flooring is also an option for a stunning three-dimensional effect.

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      Why Choose Us?
      Artistic Concrete Designs Iowa is dedicated to delivering the best possible value and customer service. We offer robust epoxy and concrete solutions for commercial and residential customers across Iowa. Here’s what makes us one of the best epoxy flooring companies in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids.
      Our Pride
      Professional-Grade Products
      We believe in always using the best products to deliver the best results. From concrete stains to epoxy and rubber concrete coating products, you can count on our concrete solutions for long-lasting results and outstanding performance.
      Superior Customer Service
      We take pride in a job well done. Part of our job is educating you on your options and helping you choose the right concrete solution for your needs, budget, and design goals. Our friendly technicians will walk you through every step of the process and deliver results you can depend on.
      High-Grade Materials
      Cost-Effective Solutions
      At Artistic Concrete Designs Iowa, we strive to deliver the best possible value when it comes to concrete coatings and concrete resurfacing. This value comes from attention to detail with prep work, long-lasting and dependable products, and honest, competitive pricing without unfair markups.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Questions about our services? Please get in touch! Someone with Artistic Concrete Designs Iowa will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Until we hear from you, here are a few questions we often receive from customers.

      How durable is epoxy flooring?
      It’s hard to beat epoxy floor coatings in terms of durability and performance. Our industrial-grade epoxy coatings are formulated to withstand heavy loads, wet environments, extreme temperatures, chemical spills, vehicle traffic, and other hazards without breaking down. An epoxy floor system is durable enough for a processing plant or factory as well as high-traffic shopping centers, medical facilities, and more.
      What makes epoxy flooring better than a traditional concrete floor?
      Untreated concrete may seem strong but it’s actually very porous and subject to a lot of wear and tear.
      Epoxy flooring is an excellent alternative to traditional concrete flooring for many reasons:
      • Epoxy is seamless and nonporous. It doesn’t have pores like concrete and it won’t absorb moisture and spills that can cause cracks and structural damage in concrete.
      • Epoxy offers a higher tensile and compressive strength than regular concrete to withstand heavy loads and impacts.
      • Epoxy stops concrete dusting for good. This can be very important in wet areas or industries involved in food processing, electronics, and more.
      • Epoxy flooring creates a bright and reflective surface for improved visibility and safety.
      • An epoxy concrete coating creates a more slip-resistant surface than regular concrete. It also promotes safety because it can be customized with safety striping to designate forklift aisles, pedestrian paths, and more.
      How long can an epoxy floor coating last?
      The lifespan of an epoxy floor system depends on where it’s installed, how well the concrete is prepared, the quality of the epoxy, and whether it’s maintained with new clear coats every 5 to 7 years or so. Professional garage floor epoxy and other residential applications can last up to 20-25 years with minimal care as long as it’s installed properly with new clear coats occasionally. Commercial epoxy can last a decade or longer. In harsh industrial settings, an epoxy floor system can still last years.