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Concrete Polishing

Reflective, Durable, Beautiful

With years of experience, our Iowa Concrete Polishing team is excited to join you on this important transformation. Concrete polishing is one of the easiest, most cost-effective, and quickest ways to turn your dull concrete into an eye-catching floor. Commercial, residential, and industrial settings are all jumping on polished concrete floors.
Whatever your vision, give us a call and we will get you started! Our professionals are ready to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Call now!

Benefits of Concrete Polishing

Polished Concrete

There are so many advantages to having a polished concrete floor and we want to share those benefits with you. Here at Iowa Concrete Polishing we only use the best materials available, and we work with you for the lowest prices. Our professionals know that your floors are important and that’s why we’re going to share the benefits of concrete polishing below:
Commercial Epoxy Flooring
One of the most common reasons why concrete polishing is the most popular flooring of today and the future, is its affordability. This is a modest way to improve your slab of concrete because of the overall characteristics of the floor through its aesthetics and low upkeep requirements.
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Stain Free
When your polished concrete garage or polished concrete basement floor is completed your concrete will be sealed off, meaning that your concrete’s pores will not be able to absorb any water, oil, or other substances because the polish will prevent them from penetrating its surface.
Concrete Polishing Service
Smooth Lighting
Whether you’re looking for industrial polished concrete or residential polished concrete, your floor will shine bright and help liven up any area that it is in. Its highly reflective properties are great in facilities where lighting has previously been an issue or where the light bill has needed to be reduced. Save some power and polish your concrete!
Concrete Floor Coatings Iowa
If you’re looking for an amazing way to make your slab of concrete last longer then polishing it is your answer. Our polished concrete services offer you the opportunity to elongate the current lifespan of your floors and subsequently they will no longer be vulnerable to common damages that would cut their lifespan in half.
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While other floors require intense manual labor, polished concrete floors do not. You don’t have to keep up with your floors to maintain their natural glossy shine once polishing and staining has been completed.
Residential Polished Concrete Floors
Old Floors New Days
The great thing about our concrete polishing team is that we want you to keep your floors and concrete beautifully updated, and polishing is one process that we want to do for you! Aged concrete can be mechanically grinded which will remove the upper surface, and then we polish it, strengthening the concrete; thus, allowing you to keep your concrete!
Concrete Grinding And Polishing

Versatility with Concrete Polishing

There are great advantages to choosing concrete polishing

Are you looking for a floor that fits your industrial, residential, or commercial needs? If so, then you’re in a great place. At Concrete Polishing Iowa we know that business and homeowners all have different needs and wants for the look of their floors, and we’re here to deliver. Whether you’re looking for a stained polish finish or a high gloss to reflect all of the lights in the space, we can do it all. The ability to be so versatile makes concrete polishing one of the best options for you and your wallet. A variety of looks are available depending on what you and one of our professionals decide, so give us a call!
Some of the common areas where concrete polishing is used are warehouses, retail shops/areas, hotel lobbies and rooms, office buildings, restaurants, garages, showrooms, and homes. Find similar services to concrete polishing by visiting the homepage now!
Concrete Polishing
Here at Concrete Polishing Iowa we have years of experience working with concrete and with people. We know how important your floor is to you so we will get the job done and do it right. Give us a call to speak to one of our licensed and accomplished professionals.

Stained Polished Concrete

Durability, Cost, and Maintenance

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By adding a stained polished concrete floor you are giving your space the appearance of another floor while still keeping the convenience of a concrete floor. Whatever the material you want your floors to resemble, we can create. Once you’ve spoken to one of our contractors, we will get you started.
The durability of your floors dramatically increases when you choose to polish your concrete instead of going with a more standard flooring, like tile. Also, staining concrete floors drops the cost of enhancing your floors dramatically. You can have a ceramic or porcelain looking concrete floor for half of the price. Give us a call today.

Polished Concrete

Shine, Light, Reflective

Polished Concrete Basement Floor
If you’re looking for a beautiful and cost-effective floor, then this is the one. Polished concrete is among some of the most beautiful flooring systems in the world because of its highly reflective qualities and low maintenance. These floors are installed in some of the more beautiful buildings around the country because they instantly liven up the room. When done correctly and by professionals, polished concrete gives a sense of grace and elegance only accomplished by these floors.
These floors are not only beautiful, but also the bright qualities of these polished concrete floors help boost overall production of employees in facilities where these floors are present because it livens up the mood with the light that is brought in.
No matter where you’re thinking about installing these floors, the process is worth it.
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