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Long-lasting, Beautiful, Durable

As one of the top-rated epoxy flooring companies in Iowa, our team is thrilled about embarking on a new journey with you! Wood epoxy is one of the hottest and easiest trends homeowners are jumping on. When it comes to décor, no one wants to spend their precious time constantly caring and repairing their floors.
If you’re ready for a better floor, one that will last decades, and is affordable, than give us a call today! Our team is ready to make your dream floors a reality.

Benefits of Rustic Wood Epoxy Floors

Rustic Wood

There is more to love about a rustic wood epoxy floor than there is anything else. With a floor that will last you and your family decades, you will have more time to focus on other aspects of your home and not solely on your floors. Our team of professional epoxy installers is waiting for your call.
Wood Stamped Concrete
Distinctive Décor
Rustic wood epoxy flooring can be made to look like any wood you are looking for. We can adjust the shading of your stamped concrete to make it lighter or darker wood. Enjoy the beauty and all of the benefits of a wood floor without the hassle.
Wood Stamped Concrete Iowa
Wood concrete is the easiest floor to keep beautiful. With real wood, treatments and repairs come with the flooring, but not with wood concrete epoxy. An easy mop or sweep will suffice in keeping your floors polished.
Iowa Concrete Wood Floor
Quickly & Professionally Installed
Our contractors can install your wood like concrete floors quicker than any real flooring system could be installed. You will have a seamlessly beautiful floor without the hassle of waiting for a long period of time.
Wood Floor Epoxy
Strong & Durable
Your wood floor epoxy will be able to withstand any environment you install it in. Unlike real wood floors that require constant chemical maintenance to keep them healthy and usable.
Concrete Floors That Look Like Wood
Concrete wood epoxy flooring is resistant to chemicals, oils, and stains because of the mixture of resins and hardeners that have cured to your concretes surface. This is a unique properly to epoxy flooring that wood floors do not have.
Wood Floor Epoxy Iowa
Stamped concrete that looks like wood will last much longer than any type of wood you are thinking about laying in your home. The floors longevity is accredited to its ability to resist all kinds of damage.
Concrete That Looks Like Wood

Maintaining Your Decorative Wood Epoxy Floors

Keep them clean for the long haul

Rustic wood epoxy floors are incredibly easy to maintain. Wood floors require special cleaners to avoid drying or damaging wood, they require monthly treatments to ensure they last you through the year, and they require delicate handling when it comes to spills, debris, and cleaning. With a concrete wood floor, all of that is easily avoided because of the epoxy flooring system. The benefits of having a floor that is resistant to everything leaves very little room for necessary maintenance.
Wood concrete floors are resistant to staining, chemical spills, and abrasions that would be caused by shoes, arranging furniture, or daily foot-traffic. All of these circumstances are issues for a wood floor but not for a rustic wood floor.
Rustic Wood
Epoxy Iowa
With experienced and licensed professionals at your service, you wood epoxy floors will be the most beautiful and long-lasting floors you will ever have. If you have any questions about the benefits offered by an epoxy wood flooring system, give us a call!

Beautiful Bright and Customized Wood

Epoxy wood is your unique choice

Concrete Wood
With an epoxy wood stamped floor you have the luxury of the floors looks and beauty but are free from the hassle of repairs and maintenance required for wood floors. Epoxy wood can be made to shine brighter than any other wood floor you would want. Your concrete wood floor can be made to look duller like one style of wood or shine brightly to resemble other types of wood styles. The choices of wood styles offered by epoxy wood concrete are unique to epoxy flooring.
Whenever you’re ready to customize your dream wood floor give us a call for concrete wood. Our professionals make this installation into art that cannot be replicated by other companies or DIY kits. Don’t settle for flooring that is not exactly how you want it, for more information about your flooring options check out the homepage!

Affordable & Long-Lasting

Concrete wood last longer for a better price

Stamped Concrete That Looks Like Wood
On average, for a wood floor, you would pay close to $10,000, but the expenses don’t stop there. When you install a wood floor you also have to learn to manage it properly also paying to have it cleaned and treated regularly, this subtle detail spikes the price on your wood floors, and they don’t last.
With concrete wood floors, you average around $3-$12 per square foot but you don’t have any hidden details. A concrete stamped wood floor doesn’t require deep cleaning or wood treatments for it to maintain its shine so the price you pay for installation is the price you pay for your wood look alike floors. With textures that mimic wood under your feet, a floor that will last you decades without special treatment is a phone call away.
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