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Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Sleek, safe, and long-lasting flooring

The flooring in your commercial facility needs to be able to keep up with the daily workload as well as any accidents that may occur. Commercial epoxy flooring in Des Moines Iowa has the solution for you. Our commercial epoxy floor coating offers superior durability, resistance to stains and is cost effective.
If you want a safer and longer lasting flooring, a commercial epoxy flooring just may be for you. Allow us to tell you a little more about our product.

Benefits and Applications of Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Follow the Trends in Modern Flooring

With the many uses and benefits of a commercial epoxy floor, there is little to hate with this flooring solution. Below will be some of the benefits and general applications of commercial epoxy flooring that our current clients from Des Moines Iowa are enjoying.
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Factories and Warehouses
Factories and warehouses allow very little room for error when it comes to their flooring. A commercial epoxy flooring offers a seamless flooring that can withstand heavy traffic from forklifts as well as the heavy impact from dropped objects.
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Worry-Free Flooring
With commercial epoxy flooring, your floor will be able to resist stains and deterioration from harsh chemicals. When anything is spilled onto the floor, cleanup is as simple as mopping or using a broom!
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Medical Facilities
Medical facilities embrace the use of epoxy flooring because it is one of the seamless flooring options available on the market. Commercial epoxy flooring is hygienic as there are no cracks or spaces for germs or viruses to hide and reproduce.
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Protects Your Concrete
Not only does a commercial epoxy flooring offer a safe, durable and attractive floor, but it also protects what’s underneath it. Even though the layer of epoxy that is over the concrete may appear thin, it offers the best protection for your concrete. You can help your concrete last 2-3 times longer than any other conventional flooring.
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Culinary Facilities
Culinary facilities choose commercial epoxy flooring for its resistance to stains resulting from spilled goods as well as the durability of the flooring. Whether you have a restaurant or a commercial grade processing plant, our commercial epoxy coatings have you covered.
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Custom Appearance
Not only is commercial epoxy flooring durable, slip resistant and easy to clean, but it is also extremely customizable. Whether you want arrows or your company’s logo in a storefront, commercial epoxy coatings can be designed straight from your imagination.
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Easy to Clean and Maintain

Almost maintenance free

Commercial epoxy flooring is perhaps the easiest to clean and care for commercial grade flooring available on the market today. Since commercial epoxy flooring doesn’t require any type of waxes or polishes, all your facility will need to maintain your flooring will be very basic. For light cleanup or maintenance clear any loose debris with a soft bristle brush or a dust mop.
For a severely soiled floor clear any loose debris with a soft bristle broom followed by a quick rinse with a standard garden hose. After it is washed and there are still residues or stains, use a hard bristle brush to lift the stain and rinse again. No other flooring for commercial facilities is as low maintenance and carefree as a commercial epoxy floor coating. To discover more flooring options for your commercial facility visit our home page today!
Commercial Epoxy Flooring
Des Moines, Iowa
Epoxy flooring is one of the most versatile flooring systems that offers both a long-lasting lifespan & easy maintenance which is why it is the perfect flooring system for commercial settings. Epoxy flooring can outlast a traditional concrete floor by decades which not only saves you money but time.

Long Lasting Durability

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The last thing any business owner wants is the investment that was their commercial flooring to fail within a few years. Our commercial epoxy floor installers have decades of combined experience giving you peace of mind knowing your flooring will be done right. With professional installation, your flooring can last up to twenty years.
Twenty years of superior of a surface that will never show its age with wear and tear as many other commercial flooring options show after a couple of years. Not only will your epoxy floor coating last decades, but your concrete slab will also last 2-3 times longer and be up to 300 percent stronger.

The Affordable Solution

Investment for your future

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Commercial flooring must be very expensive right, this flooring just has too many benefits to be competitive in its market. Well, the good news is that we offer our neighbors in Des Moines the lowest rates possible to install our commercial epoxy floor coatings.
Why should you settle for a flooring option that only has one of the check marks on your list when you can have a commercial epoxy floor that completes your list as well as adds even more than you thought possible for the same price. Make the smart investment for your company’s future with a commercial epoxy floor coating and we can guarantee you won’t regret it!
Professional, Affordable, and Reliable
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Need a little more information about our commercial epoxy floors? Have a few questions? Below are the most asked questions we receive from our clientele. If you have a more specific question or your question wasn’t answered, be sure to give us a call today!

How durable is commercial epoxy flooring?
Commercial epoxy floor coatings are a standout amongst the strongest of arrangements accessible for a wide scope of industries. A professional epoxy flooring establishment conveys a solid, tough framework that is totally consistent and ready to withstand substantial traffic, heavy impact, vehicle traffic, spills, unforgiving cleaning methods, and then some. Commercial epoxy really expands the load limit and rigidity of your floor and can keep going for up to 10 years or significantly longer in most settings. It can even keep up its spotless, sharp appearance for a considerable length of time without clear wear and stains that can bring down the look of your business.
How long does a commercial epoxy flooring take to install?
The length of time it will take to prepare and coat your surface depends on how big an area you need to be done. Another rule of thumb for recently poured concrete is you must wait at least 28 days for a new slab to fully cure. The average commercial epoxy flooring process will take approximately a week. Our commercial epoxy floor installers will be done applying your commercial epoxy flooring in 2-5 days depending on the design and area that is presented. After a commercial epoxy coating is applied you must wait one day for light foot traffic and three days for a full cure. After your floor is cured, it is ready to be used to its full potential.
How long can a commercial epoxy floor last?
A commercial epoxy flooring lasts longer than most traditional concrete coatings on the market. While the maintenance required on an epoxy floor coating is minimal it plays a huge role in how long your flooring will last. Daily cleaning has been the main reason most commercial epoxy floor coatings last up to twenty years. The better you treat your flooring the longer it will last. Another factor on how long your floor will last is the condition of your concrete slab. Since this varies from case to case, call us today for a free quote!