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Epoxy Basement Floors

Easy, Clean, and Affordable

As the leading epoxy company in Iowa, we are eager to help you get started with your new floors. Our team is made up of licensed professionals who want nothing more than to offer their expert services. Our basement floors are a crucial asset to the room as a whole, whether you’re using your basement as a storage unit, another room, an office, or a gym, your floors are important. We offer a professional team with high-end materials at low-end prices.
From simple and delicate looking too rustic and unique, we can do it all, let us help you personalize your basement floor!

Benefits of Epoxy Basement Flooring

Basement Epoxy Flooring

With an epoxy basement floor, there is nothing you will not love. You have the ability to not only customize the look of your floors but the level of shine and safety of them as well. When professionally installed, an epoxy floor is unrivaled by any other flooring system you would think about installing.
Basement Concrete Floor Epoxy Sealer
Strong & Durable
Your epoxy basement floors will be able to withstand heavy loads, chemical spills, oil stains, and abrasions without cracking, breaking, or peeling. Many other floors would develop worn spots that would require repair or replacement but that is not an issue with epoxy flooring.
Basement Epoxy Iowa
Minimal Maintenance
With our specially formulated garage floor epoxy coatings, your garage will be a seamless easy to clean surface with no joints for the dirt and grime to hide. Since there is no polishes or wax, all you will need is a soft bristle broom or a dust mop.
Basement Epoxy Coating
Easy Maintenance
Epoxy flooring is easily maintained by sweeping or mopping up spills and debris that could potentially be harmful, in the long run, for your floors. Deep cleaning and strong chemicals are not necessary to keep your floors pristine.
Basement Floor Epoxy Coating
Your basement epoxy floor, when installed professionally, can be a beautiful piece of art. We offer many different color schemes, patterns, and textures that can individualize your floors. Metallic epoxy is one such floor, where our contractors can turn your basic floor into something you’ve never imagined before.
Basement Epoxy Floor Coating
Protects Your Concrete
Your basement concrete floor is not as strong, resilient, or durable on its own. When an epoxy system is installed, your concrete cures with the mixture of the resins and hardeners, creating a protective layer on the top of your concrete. Concrete is naturally very porous, so without the layer of epoxy, it would absorb water and other substances that would damage it.
Iowa Basement Epoxy Coating
For all of the benefits an epoxy flooring system offers your concrete basement floor, it is outrageously affordable. This budget-friendly flooring option lasts for decades at a time and is resistant to all sorts of possible damages. Epoxy flooring will repay your investment very quickly.
Basement Floor Epoxy And Sealer

Long- Lasting Epoxy Basement Flooring

Affordability and long-lasting floors

An epoxy basement floor is one of the most long-lasting floors you can choose. Whether your basement is an area that experiences high foot-traffic, handles different chemicals, or is a storage unit for heavy machinery, epoxy flooring can resist it all. What does high resistance do for longevity? Because an epoxy floor is not easily damaged, when professionally installed, it can last more than 20 years before repairs or replacement ever need to be considered. The time lapse in replacement also deems epoxy flooring the most affordable option on the market.
If you’re envisioning a strong, durable, affordable, and long-lasting floor, then you’re envisioning an epoxy basement floor. This is our craft and we know how important it is to install basement epoxy strong enough to last the years of wear and tear you will put on it. If you have questions about your floors, give us a call today. Our professionals are waiting to listen and answer your questions today!
Epoxy Basement
flooring Iowa
With combined decades of experience, our team makes the installation of your epoxy basement floors easy, quick, and affordable. If you’re ready to change your floors from old, worn, and smelly to strong, beautiful, and long-lasting, give us a call right now!

Unique Strong Elegance

Brighten your basement with epoxy flooring

Basement Floor Epoxy Sealant
When you choose to have an epoxy flooring company install your epoxy basement floor you are choosing to brighten up your basement. What does that mean? It means that an epoxy floor, when finished, creates a glass-like look that reflecting any lighting in your basement. This mirror reflection of the lighting in your basement helps create a look of shining elegance that can only be accomplished by a professionally installed epoxy floor.
With the beautiful and unmatched reflection created by an epoxy floor, additional lighting in your basement will be minimal. So, whatever you are using your basement will be well lit for decades down the road.

Eco- Friendly

Basement Epoxy Flooring System

Basement Floor Finish Epoxy
When you choose an epoxy flooring system you are choosing not to relay a new foundation, rather, you are enhancing the one you already have. Not only does this decision mean our contractors will be using less material to make your dream floors come true, but they are also creating less waste, and in the end, they are quickly enhancing your floors.
If you’re ready to enhance your floors while also keeping the environment in mind, then an epoxy floor is for you. It’s easy, just give us a call to get started. Alternatively you can check out the homepage to discover the other flooring options that we offer!
Professional, Affordable, and Reliable
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