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Garage Floor Coatings

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We are not one of the top flooring companies in Iowa for no reason, we are because we offer our neighbors excellent prices, long-lasting finishes and the best services that you can find anywhere! If you’re tired of your garage being a dimly lit, dusty or just plain ugly area of your home, we have a garage floor coating that will transform your garage!
No matter what you desire your garage to look like, from clean and profession to exciting and inviting, we have a garage floor coating that will turn your neighbors green with envy every time your garage door goes up!

Types Of Garage Floor Coatings

In Des Moines

While it may seem like you are stuck between a rock and a hard place when you are choosing your next garage floor coating, we are here to tell you that you have more options than you think! Our team of garage floor contractors will guide you to what garage floor coating is right for you but, we will give you some information on what we offer!
Iowa Garage Floor Epoxy
Garage Floor Epoxy
If you’re looking for top of the line garage floor coating with nearly endless benefits, look no farther than an epoxy garage floor coating. Epoxies offer amazing durability, superior chemical resistance and don’t lose out on any customization factor. Garage floor epoxy will protect your concrete slab for 20 years or more!
Concrete Sealing
If you’re not all into the flashiness of other garage floor coatings or maybe just love the look of basic concrete, we offer our concrete cleaning and sealing services to you! We offer both acrylic sealers for those trying to save a couple of bucks and urethane sealers for those who need real protection.
Garage Epoxy
Acid Stained Concrete
Looking for a more unique finish for your concrete slab? Well, when you choose to acid stain your concrete slab, you will have one of the most unique garage floor coatings. The acid stain will make the concrete look marbled or like natural stone. It will be protected with a sealer of your choice.
Epoxy Garage Floor Coating
Paint On Epoxy
Paint on epoxy is not to be confused with a regular epoxy floor coating. A paint on epoxy only contains a small amount of epoxy so the paint will be stronger when dry. Epoxy paint is perfect for anyone trying to save some money while adding some resistance to their concrete.
Metallic Epoxy
Another unique garage floor coating that can add that “wow” factor to the garage is a metallic epoxy floor coating. Metallic epoxy is able to mimic the effects of waves, lava flowing and even look like a cloudy day! Metallic epoxy is as durable as it is durable so no durability is lost for beauty.
Epoxy Garage Floor Installers
Garage Floor Resurfacing
Don’t need a whole new finish in the garage or just want all your cracks and imperfections repaired? Don’t worry, we have a garage floor coating for you! We can resurface your garage floor to repair all cracks and other imperfections while giving the concrete a nice uniform look like it is brand new!
Garage Epoxy Coating

Durable And Chemical Resistant

Protect Your Concrete Slab

While making your garage floor look more appealing to the eye is the top priority to some people, most of us want to make sure that the garage floor is able to handle whatever we can throw at it; sometimes meaning that literally! Well, if performance is in mind our garage floor epoxy is what you need!
The garage epoxy is so strong that it can resist the effects of heavy vehicle and foot traffic, the impact of objects that are dropped on the floor and even the use of heavy machinery tools. That’s not all, garage floor epoxy is also a chemical resistant garage floor coating. The epoxy garage floor will be able to resist stains and damage from even the harshest chemicals like oil, gasoline and even brake cleaner without showing signs of wear and tear for over 20 years!
Epoxy Flooring
Des Moines, Iowa
Here at epoxy flooring Des Moines, we believe that the customer always comes first. If you want high-quality finishes, give us a call today for a free no obligation quote!

Customize Your Garage

Endless Design options

Best Garage Floor Epoxy Coating
If you’re looking for customization, look no farther than a garage floor epoxy. Garage epoxy flooring is able to be designed to the imaginations fullest extent as it is installed as a liquid so nothing is set in stone until the flooring has actually been set in place. There are hundreds and thousands of different ways you can make the garage floor epoxy one of a kind with the help of the huge selection of base colors, the choice to use single colored or multi-colored flakes and even the option to place your favorite emblem or logo directly into the garage epoxy!
If you want one of a kind flooring that will be nearly impossible to replicate, go with an epoxy garage floor coating in Des Moines Iowa! You can also visit the homepage to see all of the services that we offer in Iowa!

Long Lasting Coatings

A Worthy Investment

Garage Floor Epoxy Contractors
Why would you spend your hard earned money on flooring installed by your run of the mill unprofessional garage floor coating installer? We have access to the highest grade materials and have decades of experience installing garage floor coatings so you can have your garage back ASAP with a high-quality finish. All of the garage floor coatings we install are top of the line and will last long enough and perform well enough to meet your needs, no matter how intense they may be!
Let us install your garage floor coating so you can enjoy our work just as much as we enjoy making all of our clients in Des Moines Iowa happy with our excellent service and finishes. Don’t miss out on the wonderful opportunity we are offering!
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