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Concrete Resurfacing

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In the past, people didn’t know that to have a completely new floor, you didn’t have to rip out the entire surface and have it replaced. As technology has advanced so has the news spread about the ability to rejuvenate your concrete surface and extend its lifespan! Concrete resurfacing is a fantastic way to save money, remodel, and save the environment. Residential, commercial, and industrial properties can all benefit from concrete resurfacing.
Our team here at Artistic Concrete Designs Iowa believes that remodeling a home or business should not break the budget. Resurfacing concrete comes with so many wonderful benefits that we want to share with our clients!

Areas that can be resurfaced

Let us rejuvenate your concrete

Choosing to resurface your concrete surface allows you to elongate your current concrete slabs lifespan as well as saving a chunk of money that could otherwise be spent on a vacation or saved for the future! So, what concrete surface do you have that is starting to look fatigued and ready for a change?
Concrete Resurfacing
Driveway Concrete Resurfacing
Your driveway is basically your first impression for passerby’s, friends, and family. Your driveway can also either increase or decrease your curb appeal dramatically, so it is important to have a solid concrete slab. Resurfacing your driveway concrete has benefits like:
  • Increase property value
  • Raise curb appeal
  • Create a longer lasting slab
  • Repair any cracks, stains, or holes
garage epoxy
Garage Concrete Resurfacing
Garages are truly one of the most neglected surfaces in our homes because we simply don’t double check on it. We drive our cars on it, drop our tools, and store our chemicals and machinery in it. A garage floor needs to be strong and resilient if it is going to last for you and your family. Resurfacing garage concrete floors means:
  • Creating a safer surface
  • Adding slip, chemical, and impact-resistant qualities
  • Brightening up your garage
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Walkway Concrete Resurfacing
As people, whether they are friends, neighbors, or family, walk up to your home it is important to ensure their safety as well as appear to have a well taken care of home. Your walkway whether it is in the back or front yard should be safe for anyone to walk on and appear to be well maintained. Resurfacing your walkway includes benefits like:
  • Slip-resistant surface can be installed
  • Heat-resistant properties can help those who decide to walk barefoot
  • Create a seamless surface that creates an elegant look and feel for all who walk on your walkway
basement concrete floor epoxy
Basement Concrete Resurfacing
Your basement does not have to have a dark, smelly, dungeon appeal to it. Resurfacing concrete in your basement can help you completely remodel your basement and also seal it to ensure it is kept safe. Your basement is your home’s foundation and should always be kept up to date. Some of the benefits of basement floor resurfacing include:
  • Waterproof surface
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Remodeling the area, resurfacing concrete means you can have it mimic wood, tile, stone, and more
Pool Deck Resurfacing
Pool Deck Resurfacing
Trying to enjoy your pool can be difficult when your pool deck is rough, discolored, and peeling. If you’re in need of a new pool deck, resurfacing allows you to completely change the surface without having to rip the concrete slab completely out. Some of the benefits of a resurfaced pool deck include:
  • Heat-resistant surface
  • Completely remodeled that can look and feel like authentic wood or stone
  • Seamless and slip-resistant
commercial concrete resurfacing
Commercial Concrete Resurfacing
In any professional space, resurfacing your concrete before making the decision to rip it out can have lasting positive side effects. Surfaces in commercial areas must be installed quickly, quietly, and professionally, otherwise, too much time and money could be spent on the floors detracting from the business. A resurfaced commercial concrete floor is beneficial because:
  • Resurfacing creates an eye-catching design
  • Is affordable and budget saving
  • Creates a safe and long-lasting environment
concrete floor resurfacing

Benefits of Concrete Resurfacing

So why resurface your concrete?

Concrete resurfacing creates an environment that will last for decades and keep friends, family, and clients safe. You don’t have to completely rip out your concrete to have a beautiful new one installed! Resurfacing your old slab actually elongates its life and saves you a lot of time and money.Some of the benefits of resurfacing any concrete include:
  • You can resurface indoor and outdoor concrete
  • Resurfaced concretes lifespan is well over two decades
  • Affordability with prices ranging between $2-$12 all depending on your choice of style and design
  • Create a safe and durable environment that can withstand outdoor natural elements and indoor accidents
  • You can resurface any concrete slab! Just call us today for more information
Concrete Resurfacing
Des Moines, Iowa
Concrete Resurfacing is one of the most versatile flooring systems that offers both a long-lasting lifespan & easy maintenance which is why it is the perfect flooring system for commercial settings. Concrete Resurfacing can outlast a traditional concrete floor by decades which not only saves you money but time.

Why hire a professional?

Don’t do this yourself

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Hiring a professional is simply to make sure that you receive all of the benefits and enjoyments of a resurfaced concrete floor. When you choose to do it yourself, you risk the high probability of damaging the foundational slab and running the risk of installing any type of overlay incorrectly.
We promise to deliver the best services possible. There is no better way to secure a positive outcome than hiring our team who has decades of combined experience and knowledge.

Installation Process

How do we do it?

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We know how important it is to properly resurface concrete floors. As a general rule, we approach any project with new lenses because every situation is different. We do not believe that every concrete resurfacing project is cookie cutter but as a general rule, these are the steps you can expect from our team
  • Pressure wash or clean off the surface to remove any loose debris
  • Tape off any edges or areas where the new concrete is not wanted
  • Prepare the concrete
  • Ensure that the concrete surface is clear of other sealants, paints, or chemicals
  • Apply mixture
  • Fill in holes or damages
  • Add another layer if needed
  • Work the concrete into the existing concretes pores
  • Shape and round the new concrete to the existing
Professional, Affordable, and Reliable
Concrete Resurfacing Des Moines Iowa