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Pool Deck Resurfacing

Giving your pool deck the attention it deserves

So you’re looking to spruce up your pool deck and give it a fresh new look? Look no further. When it comes to pool deck resurfacing Des Moines solutions, we strive to be your first choice. Welcoming both residential and commercial customers in Des Moines and the surrounding areas, we specialize in tailored concrete resurfacing solutions designed to fit your budget and your needs. By the time we’re done, you won’t even recognize your old, stained pool deck!
  • A Much Brighter Area
  • Amazing And Customizable Finishes
  • Better Performance Overal
While these benefits are great, our epoxy garage floor can offer so much more. For more of these amazing benefits, please consider reading what we have outlined for you down below!

Options for Pool Deck Resurfacing Des Moines

Customized solutions for your needs

Ahead, allow us to take you through just some of the amazing options we have available for pool deck resurfacing in Des Moines, Iowa. Our highly trained and licensed concrete resurfacing contractors are ready and waiting to help you explore your options and decide which resurfacing solution will give you the look and feel you’re after for your poolscape.
cool deck pool
Cool Pool Decks
In the hot summer months, pool decks can get mighty hot beneath your feet. With a cool pool deck, which can be applied on top of any existing cement-based pool deck, you can not only achieve a fresh, new appearance, but you can also reduce heat build up by as much as 38%. With a whole range of colors and styles available, this is a great option for any pool deck.
pool deck repair
Acrylic Microtoppings
As some of the easiest applied and most affordable pool deck coatings available, acrylic microtoppings offer fantastic longevity and durability, along with a great resistance to fading. Available in a huge range of great textures and colors, the look of the acrylic microtoppings can even be customized however you see fit.
pool deck repair Des Moines
Acid Stains
There is no other coloring medium that can impart such a luxurious richness as acid-stained concrete. Instead of the solid opaque effect of most coatings or paint, for example, acid stains permeate your concrete, infusing it with beautifully translucent, luminous tones. You can mimic anything from polished marble and stained wood to natural stone and tanned leather.
stamped concrete overlay
Stamped Concrete
Also otherwise known as imprinted or textured concrete, with stamped concrete you can replicate the look of stone, brick, or even wood. The nearly infinite pattern, color, and design possibilities make stamped concrete a popular choice for beautifying pool decks. This pool deck resurfacing option is also low maintenance and much more affordable than the real thing to give you a high-end look within your budget.
Wood Stamped Concrete
Wood Stamped Concrete
Among the many different types of textures and styles available to you with stamped concrete, wood is one of our most popular choices. With wood stamped concrete, you get all the great aesthetic benefits afforded to you with real wood but without any of the negative aspects that can come with the real thing. This pool deck resurfacing Des Moines solution won’t rot or splinter, it won’t attract pests, and it won’t require staining and frequent repairs.
Pavers Over Concrete
Perhaps you want to give your pool deck a whole new look and feel with some pavers on top of your existing concrete? Well, there’s no need to tear out your pool deck to get a luxurious paver pool deck. New pavers in a whole range of styles, colors, and designs can be installed on top of any existing concrete for decades of performance and beauty.
Pool Deck Resurfacing Des Moines

The Benefits of Pool Deck Resurfacing

Here’s why concrete resurfacing is a great investment

You have a lot to consider when deciding if resurfacing is the right choice for your pool deck. Allow us to lend a helping hand and walk you through some of the great benefits afforded to you when having your pool deck resurfaced in Des Moines.
  • As time goes on, damage and cracks can start to appear. If left alone, cracks and other damage can compromise the appearance and, ultimately, the usability of your pool deck. When these cracks are ignored for too long, they can cause significant structural damage to your pool deck and become very expensive to repair. Resurfacing addresses the cracks and damage in the early stages.
  • There’s an infinite array of colors, patterns, and designs available at your fingertips, ready to give any worn-out decking an amazing new facelift. Breath new life into your pool deck and enjoy something you can truly be proud to sit and relax on during those hot summer evenings.
  • Resurfacing offers a quicker, simpler, and — perhaps most importantly — more affordable alternative to replacing your concrete pool deck. By resurfacing, you’re saving your time and money.
  • A number of special coatings are available for your newly resurfaced pool deck, including anti-skid coatings, for example, which can help minimize and prevent injuries relating to slips, trips, and falls.
  • Resurfacing your pool deck is the eco-friendly choice. Resurfacing only removes a small layer from the top and replaces it with a new, thin layer or overlay. As you can imagine, this is greener and more eco-friendly, almost completely negating the amount of materials required and waste that would be produced following a complete replacement.
  • Resurfaced concrete gives you decades more of enjoyment from your pool deck with a renewed ability to resist wear and tear, pool chemicals, and the elements.
  • Not everyone realizes just how easy and affordable concrete resurfacing truly is. Due to the significantly reduced requirement of materials when compared to completely replacing the concrete, and the significant decrease in waste produced as a result, the costs associated with labor and materials are significantly decreased. There are dozens of options to fit virtually any budget.
Pool Deck Resurfacing
Des Moines, Iowa
Pool Deck Resurfacing is one of the most versatile flooring systems that offers both a long-lasting lifespan & easy maintenance which is why it is the perfect flooring system for commercial settings. Pool Deck Resurfacing can outlast a traditional concrete floor by decades which not only saves you money but time.

What Is Pool Deck Resurfacing?

A solution for worn-out concrete

Pool deck resurfacing in Des Moines, Iowa refers to coatings or treatments that give your concrete a new surface. Resurfacing can be used to give concrete color, add texture to worn concrete, or give it a completely new surface with an overlay.
With the passage of time, the great textures and colors of your pool deck will only naturally begin to fade from their former glory. If signs of age are starting to become apparent with regards to your own pool deck, pool deck resurfacing in Des Moines offers a fantastic range of cost-effective solutions to give your pool deck new life.
Your pool deck deserves a new chance to shine and you can count on us to make that happen. Perhaps you want your tired old pool deck instead to be fully transformed into something more stylish and modern? Something you can truly be proud to spend your summer evenings on with the wife and kids? Whatever your needs may be, we have your back for all your pool resurfacing needs in Des Moines.

Can My Pool Deck Be Resurfaced?

Most concrete is a good candidate!

garage epoxy coating
Concerned about whether your pool deck can be saved or if it needs to be torn out and replaced? The good news is most concrete is a good candidate for resurfacing and doesn’t need to be replaced.
Our well trained, experienced concrete resurfacing technicians can repair any cracks, lift any sunken areas of concrete with the use of slab jacking, and we offer a whole wide variety of resurfacing solutions to give your stained, cracked, or otherwise aging concrete many more years of performance and beauty.
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Pool Deck Resurfacing Des Moines Iowa