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Epoxy Flooring

We offer the best epoxy flooring around!

Here at Artistic Concrete Design, we believe that all floors need to be durable, strong, and affordable whether that is for a residential, commercial, or industrial property. We use and install only the best materials on the market. Our epoxy floors are resistant to common and uncommon damages that come from different environments. Epoxy flooring contractors are important because to gain all of the benefits from an epoxy flooring solution they must be installed by a professional.
We offer a highly trained team who are licensed, knowledgeable, and dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. We offer warranty and knowledge that will help keep your floors healthy for decades down the road.

Types of Epoxy Flooring

What are you looking for?

Epoxy flooring solutions have become the most popular option for flooring in a variety of different settings because of what they offer. Epoxy floors offer many different types and benefits that make them great options for many different properties but without an epoxy flooring contractor, these benefits are hard to achieve.
Epoxy Flooring
Epoxy Flooring
  • Strong as 10,000 psi
  • Highly affordable, with price’s around $3-$8 per square foot
  • Customizable with colors, textures, designs, and patterns
  • Resistant to scratches, abrasions, and impact
metallic epoxy
Metallic Epoxy Flooring
  • 3D illusion designs
  • Highly impact and scratch resistant
  • Can mimic water, fire, craters, and other natural elements
  • Is made of 100% epoxy making it very strong and durable
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Garage Epoxy Flooring
  • Resistant to oils, grease, car fluids, and natural elements that could ruin a garage floor
  • Anti-scratch, slip, and dust
  • Uninhabitable by mold, mildew, or harmful bacteria
  • Water-resistant
Basement Epoxy Flooring
Basement Epoxy Flooring
  • Waterproof, keeping your foundation to your home safe and healthy
  • Nontoxic
  • Customizable, epoxy can mimic other materials like wood to decorate your basement
  • Temperature regulating
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Commercial Epoxy Flooring
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Great for high foot-traffic areas
  • Safe and quickly installed
  • Eye-catching and adaptable for whatever business it is installed in
commercial epoxy floor contractors
Stylish Finishes
Another benefit that homeowners in Des Moines love about our garage floor coating is its ability to be customized with little to no limits! This is done with:
  • A wide range of base colors
  • The option to use multi-colored or single colored flakes
  • The ability to place logos into the flooring
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Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Made For You

There are many different types of businesses and areas that we service. Industrial grade epoxy does not have to be dull, grey, and boring; however, it does need to be safe and economical, especially for any industrial type of setting. Our epoxy materials help our clients with their businesses because our epoxy floors need very little maintenance and very little installation time. Epoxy flooring solutions are fantastic options for any and all areas and properties because they can be customized to best suit your wants and needs.
Our industrial epoxy floors are installed with the purpose not to break down quickly or easily. So why choose epoxy floors as opposed to other strong flooring solutions?
Industrial epoxy floors are:
  • Quick and efficient to install and do not interrupt facility time for long
  • They are glossy and reflective helping lower power bills by reflecting lighting and decreasing power bills
  • Epoxy floors can be used to mark off special areas in an industrial building
  • Epoxy floors are seamless, making them the best option for any area with vehicles or machinery
Epoxy Flooring Contractors
Des Moines, Iowa
Epoxy flooring is one of the most versatile flooring systems that offers both a long-lasting lifespan & easy maintenance which is why it is the perfect flooring system for commercial settings. Epoxy flooring can outlast a traditional concrete floor by decades which not only saves you money but time.

Why choose a professional?

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Choosing a professional to install your epoxy floors is a smart and cost-effective thing to do, why? Because a poorly installed epoxy floor will cost 3 times as much as it would have if you would have just called a professional. Epoxy flooring installations require specific steps and tests that need to be used and determined prior to installation. Our team can help by:
  • Offering experienced and professional individuals who are there to serve you
  • Use properly machinery and techniques that help with proper installation
  • Professionally installed epoxy floors can increase property value by 15% or more
  • To gain all of the benefits, epoxy floors should always be installed by a professional

Installation Steps

What we do!

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Epoxy flooring solutions may look simple and even sound simple to install but the truth is, they’re not and to have a long-lasting and affordable flooring solution, the best option is to have one professionally installed. To further help our clients understand our general process, this is what you can expect, generally:
  • Professional will measure and inspect your concrete surface
  • Any waxes, paints, or previous coatings will be removed
  • Cracks, holes, and abrasions will be repaired
  • Moisture levels and temperature in the area need to be measured
  • Your concrete must be porous
  • Epoxy coating is not ready to be installed
Professional, Affordable, and Reliable
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