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Durable, Quick, and Bright

With unmatched knowledge and experience, here at Epoxy Flooring Company Des Moines, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to transform your floors into something that will last for decades in the future. Epoxy flooring is the smartest trend to jump on when considering the strength and durability of your floors because we install high quality floors at low end prices.
Whatever you’re looking for we can make happen. Our experts love what they do, and they want you to love it too. Give us a call today.

Benefits of Epoxy

Industrial Floor Epoxy

Our professionals here at Epoxy Flooring Company Des Moines know how important it is to perfectly install an industrial epoxy floor covering because of the amount of benefits that come along with the final product. Once your concrete is inspected, prepped, and your epoxy floor is installed, you can enjoy the benefits, such as:
Industrial Grade Epoxy Floor Coating
Chemically Resistant
The combination of resins and hardeners creates a top coat that bonds to your concrete. Once applied, this hard surface is where the industrial strength epoxy flooring comes from. Even the harshest of chemicals cannot penetrate the top coat, keeping your concrete safe.
Industrial Grade Epoxy Floor Coating Des Moines
Slip- Resistant
When working in an industrial setting, reducing the probability of any type of accident is an important process. When you choose to install an industrial epoxy floor covering you can choose aggregates to add to your coating that will add the slip-resistant quality.
Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating
Whether you’re concerned about moisture, chemical spills, or stains, an industrial epoxy flooring system is the easiest floor to maintain. Maintenance is low compared to any other types of flooring. For example, a simple daily sweep and wiping up isolated spills is all you need on a regular basis for these floors.
Industrial Epoxy Garage Floor
Withstands Heavy Impact
If you’re in an industrial area where weight is an issue on your floors then an industrial epoxy floor coating system is what you need. The hard top coat increases your concrete’s strength once it has cured completely with your concrete, increasing your floors capacity to handle weight.
Epoxy Floor Coating
Just because you’re in an industrial setting doesn’t mean your floors shouldn’t brighten up the mood of everyone working there. With endless combinations of colors, textures, and properties an epoxy flooring system can change the mood of your entire area.
Floor Epoxy industrial
When used in an industrial setting, epoxy floors are soft, smooth, and easier on machinery because they are uniquely resistant to cracks and abrasions. Due to their abilities, machinery in these settings lasts quite a bit longer than ones in industrial settings that lack epoxy floor coatings.
Epoxy Floor Coatings Industrial

Increase Your Productivity

For Lower Costs You Get Stronger and Longer Lasting Floors

Of all of the benefits that an industrial grade epoxy floor coating offers the best one is its ability to increase your productivity. When you are spending less time replacing, repairing, and maintaining your floors you are spending more time growing and expanding your business. The ability to add qualities like slip resistance and temperature regulation to your industrial epoxy floors reduces the amount of accidents for employees and visitors alike and most importantly, we do it at a low cost.
Do you want to spend more time being productive? Or do you want to spend all of your time caring, cleaning, and fixing your floors? An epoxy industrial flooring system is the best way to focus on everything other than your floors on a daily basis, and because they last longer than any other floor, you will surely be making a budget friendly investment.
Industrial Epoxy Flooring
Des Moines, Iowa
Are you ready to take your floors and your industrial space to the next level? Then give us a call right now to get started. We have professional, friendly, and experienced installers waiting to hear from you!


Fast & Professional

Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating Contractors
When it comes to an industrial floor coating don’t pick out a DIY kit because your floors won’t last. Instead, hire our professionals to ensure the highest possible quality for your floors. To begin, there are some tests that should be conducted with as much accuracy as possible. A moisture test is important to see how much water vapor comes through your concrete. This test can help reduce the chances of your industrial coating bubbling or blistering.
Then comes a curing test. When concrete is first installed, a chemical may be added to help the curing process. Unless your contractor knows for sure, this chemical can cause the epoxy not to bind with your concrete correctly. And finally, we conduct an oil test, which is simply testing the residue on top of your concrete that could also interfere with proper epoxy installation. Once your concrete has been tested, cleaned, and prepped, the installation begins.

Low-Cost, Longer Lasting, and at a High Quality

Decades of Performance

Industrial Epoxy Floor Covering
An epoxy floor coating doesn’t have to be a wallet-emptying investment. We offer affordable installation with high-end materials, and our professionals have been noted to go above and beyond for our clients. On average an epoxy floor coating costs $3-$12 per square foot. DIY kits should not be an option when installing this flooring system because you will spend more money in the long run than having a professionally licensed epoxy installer do the deed for you.
Without costing a fortune, an industrial epoxy flooring system will last decades to come when done professionally. We install quickly and accurately. If you have any questions or concerns give us a call today!
Professional, Affordable, and Reliable
Industrial Epoxy Flooring Des Moines, Iowa