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Metallic Epoxy Flooring

The Dazzling Flooring System

Are you tired of being bombarded with old and outdated flooring systems like hardwoods and tile? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone, as a matter of fact, millions of Americans feel just like you do! If you’re in the Des Moines area, we can help you get the flooring of your dreams. The miracle flooring that we are offering to our neighbors is the metallic epoxy flooring. With a metallic epoxy floor coating, you will enjoy the pleasure of:
  • Completely Customizing The Flooring
  • A Long LAsting Flooring System
  • The Wow Factor That Any Home Our Business Can Benefit From
Want to learn more about our amazing variant of epoxy flooring? We have all the information you need down below!

Why You Should Use Metallic Epoxy

Beautifully Versatile

Contrary to popular belief, metallic can do so much more than shimmer and shine. Our metallic epoxies have been crafted by award-winning engineers to provide benefits that will help the flooring survive in extremely harsh environments or even in a warm and slow household. Either way, the best benefits that you stand to gain from a metallic epoxy floor coating are outlined down below.
metallic epoxy
Safety Implementations
Contrary to popular belief, epoxy flooring is one of the safest flooring systems on the market and metallic epoxy is no different with features including:
  • Slip and skid resistance/ even safer with additives
  • The ability to create walkways, barriers, and even text
  • Metallic epoxy can make an area much brighter, making the area much safer
metallic epoxy floor Des Moines
Environmentally Friendly
Unlike traditional floorings like hardwood or tile, metallic epoxy has much less effect on the environment and this is because:
  • The chemical resistance of epoxy makes it impossible for harsh chemicals to make their way into soils
  • No trees or stones need to be damaged to craft the flooring
  • Epoxy flooring will never be dumped in landfills
Des Moines metallic epoxy
Unmatched Performance
Where the performance of general epoxy is unmatched, metallic epoxy flooring keeps this trait with the following abilities:
  • Metallic epoxy uses the 100 percent solid epoxy system which is the strongest system of all
  • Our flooring offers a tolerance of up to 25,000 PSI
  • Protection from dropped objects and even heavy vehicle and foot traffic
metallic epoxy floor coating
A feature of metallic epoxy that homeowners and business owners alike love is the epoxies ability to last decades. In order to make the flooring last you need to:
  • Have our company professionally install the epoxy flooring
  • Perform routine maintenance regularly
  • Our metallic epoxy is rated to last well over 20 years!
metallic epoxy floor system
Fast Installation
Even though metallic epoxy offers a stunning finish, the flooring may only take 2 days longer to install than a basic epoxy flooring system. Our team can:
  • Finish a 2 car garage in under a week with curing included
  • 24 hours for foot traffic
  • 72 hours before rated for full use of the flooring
pure metallic epoxy floor
Easy To Maintain
Another amazing benefit of a metallic epoxy floor coating is how easy it is to maintain! This stylish flooring system only requires the following:
  • No waxes or polishes to make the floor shine
  • A soft bristle broom to remove loose debris
  • A simple standard wet mop to remove all liquid and to clean the flooring
metallic epoxy resin floor

Design Factor

Endless Possibilities

Now, let’s get into the reason why metallic epoxy is such a desired flooring system for both the residential setting and the commercial setting, the wide range of customization! With a metallic epoxy, you have the opportunity to create a one of a kind flooring system that is unique to you, and we have a few of the ways you can customize your flooring down below:
  • We can use solvents, trowels, and squeegees to create flooring that replicates the appearance of a cloudy day, lava flow, or even waves crashing on the beach
  • For even more customization, we offer the ability to place your favorite emblem or your companies logo directly into your flooring
  • No matter what you do, your metallic epoxy flooring in Des Moines will be one of a kind as it is impossible to replicate a metallic epoxy floor coating.
MetaLlic Epoxy Flooring
Des Moines, Iowa
Epoxy flooring is one of the most versatile flooring systems that offers both a long-lasting lifespan & easy maintenance which is why it is the perfect flooring system for commercial and residential settings. Epoxy flooring can outlast a traditional concrete floor by decades which not only saves you money but time.

Commercial Metallic Epoxy

The Perfect Flooring

metallic epoxy floors Des Moines
Commercial metallic epoxy is a unique flooring choice for any commercial facility, whether it be a storefront or a strip mall, everyone is going to be impressed with this flooring choice. Here is how and why you can implement a metallic epoxy flooring in your commercial facility:
  • Our metallic epoxy is a USDA approved flooring system, that means that it can be used in sensitive areas like food and beverage processing plants all the way to the medical field for its easy disinfection and its seamless surface
  • Metallic epoxy can even be used in storefronts for its stylish finish. The finish will bring that wow factor to your business that can even be used to make your competitors envious
  • The slip and skid resistance is perfect for commercial settings as it can provide a safer environment for your employees and customers.

Residential Metallic Epoxy

Modern And Elegant

metallic epoxy garage floor
No matter where you choose to place a metallic epoxy in the residential setting, it is going to perform much better than any traditional flooring system. From your basement to the garage and anything in between, here is why you can and should use a metallic epoxy in your home:
  • Metallic epoxy flooring in Des Moines can be used to waterproof basements. This will make your basement less humid and more comfortable to be in.
  • A metallic epoxy garage floor coating comes with all the same benefits and features as a standard garage floor epoxy like durability and chemical resistance, the only difference is that your neighbors will be green with envy every time your garage door opens
  • The best feature of having a metallic epoxy flooring in your home is that the value of your home is going to skyrocket! Homes with metallic epoxy have shown an increase of thousands in value when it comes time to sell
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