Top Reasons To Consider An Epoxy Flooring System In Your Basement

Top Reasons To Consider An Epoxy Flooring System

In Your Basement

Basement Epoxy
When it comes to choosing flooring for your basement it can cause a huge headache. There aren’t any real flooring solutions that can actually last in the damp and unforgiving environment that the basement creates. Well, that was before the creation of waterproof and moisture resistant flooring that is the basement epoxy floor coating! Along with waterproofing your basement floor, there are hundreds of ways that the basement epoxy coating can benefit your basement and that is what we are going to be taking a deeper look into today, so let’s get started!
Moisture Resistant
One of the most important benefits that flooring that is going to be placed into the basement needs to have is the ability to resist all water and moisture, basement epoxy does just that! Epoxy flooring is a nonporous flooring system so that means that all of the moisture is not going to be able to pass through the concrete slab into the basement. This makes the basement waterproof and will even make the basement a more comfortable environment. With the waterproofing ability of the basement epoxy floor coating, you will never have to worry about any materials, fabrics or furniture; especially wooden furniture, becoming moldy or rotten due to exposure to constant moisture. If your top priority is keeping water and moisture out of your basement, basement epoxy is the right flooring for you.
Vapor Lock
Epoxy Flooring
Are you one of the people who doesn’t enjoy the appearance of epoxy flooring and like the appearance of more traditional flooring like tile or hardwood? There is a special form of epoxy flooring that can act as an underlayment to these flooring, bringing the waterproofing ability of epoxy flooring to the traditional forms of flooring that have been outlawed from the basement due to moisture! This special epoxy that makes the waterproof basement floor underlayment is called vapor lock and is often times black due to it being covered most of the time.
Extremely Durable
Basement Flooring
Another reason why so many homeowners are giving basement epoxy a chance in their homes is the fact that basement epoxy floor coatings are one of the most durable if not the most durable flooring options on the market to this date. Why is this important in the basement? Because the basement is an area that most homeowners turn to renovate first. While some people keep the basement for storage, most homeowners convert the basement into anything from home gyms to children play areas so you need a flooring that can resist whatever life throws at it or whatever kids may throw at it! Basement epoxy has been tested and proven to make the underlying concrete slab up to 300 percent stronger and last an average of 2-3 times longer than any other traditional concrete flooring. Basement epoxy also offers superior resistance to all scratches and abrasions that can result from dropped objects, play time or pets!
Concrete Resurfacing
Along with the ability to waterproof the basement floor and resist copious amounts of damage, a basement epoxy floor coating can even be customized to the imaginations fullest extent. The is a huge selection of base colors, the ability to use single colored or even multi-colored flakes, the option to make the exciting metallic epoxy flooring and there is even an option to place your favorite emblem or logo directly into the basement epoxy floor coating! The best part about the customization of basement epoxy is the simple fact that no floor will ever be exactly like yours. This is because epoxy flooring is crafted using chemical reactions and not even the worlds best basement epoxy flooring installer will be able to perfectly replicate these reactions.
Maybe It’s Time For Basement Epoxy
Basement Epoxy
So if you need a flooring that can make your basement floor waterproof, handle damage from anything that life throws your way, and want the ability your basement to tomorrows end, you should probably consider a basement epoxy floor coating!