What To Consider Before You Have An Epoxy Flooring Installed

What To Consider Before You Have An

Epoxy Flooring Installed

Epoxy Flooring
While epoxy flooring is one of the top flooring systems that are available on the market to this date, there are still a few things that should be taken into consideration before you decide to have an epoxy flooring system professionally installed. The epoxy flooring system offers hundreds of different of ways that it can benefit your home or your business but there are some cons to this flooring as well, while the pros greatly outnumber the cons are still there and need to be brought to daylight. That is what we are going to be taking a closer look at today, so let us get started!
Hard Surfaces
Residential Epoxy Flooring
To start, one of epoxy floorings greatest benefits can also be considered one of the flooring systems greatest flaws as well. This flaw is that epoxy flooring systems have a super hard surface. While this can be ideal in many industrial uses, its not useful in all scenarios. The super hard surface can actually be a danger to people as there have been instances of people of all ages tripping on something and hitting the super hard surface, causing bruises and sometimes even broken bones! While these cases have no age limit, most cases have elderly folk or children as the main victims.
Caution When Dropping Items
Another way this super hard surface can be a hazard in the home or even in commercial facilities that handle fragile items such as glass, food containers or all warehouses for that matter. Epoxy flooring systems have been known to offer no sympathy for objects that are dropped on its surface. If any items are dropped on the epoxy flooring system, you might as well consider them destroyed as soon as they leave your hands. If your home has children or your facility handles fragile objects, you may want to look into a different type of concrete coating such as a rubberized concrete coating.
Installation Times
Metallic Epoxy
Moving on, another thing you should consider before choosing to install an epoxy flooring system is your time allowance. Epoxy flooring can take some time to install especially if you have a larger area, machines that are not able to be relocated or your facility is working 24/7. While there can be some procedures followed to try and work around each other, this can lead to foreign objects falling into the epoxy flooring and being permanently stuck in the flooring. While there is even an option to use the quick cure epoxy flooring, that can cost thousands of more dollars to install especially if you have a larger area like a warehouse as the flooring must be seamless to gain full effect.
Conditions For Epoxy
Conditions For Epoxy
There is one more thing that must be taken into consideration before the process of installation or even preparation for an epoxy flooring system can even begin. What must be taken into consideration is the concrete slab. Is it damaged? Is it new? Is it structurally sound? Epoxy flooring systems cannot be used to repair a concrete slab that has extensive damage or a concrete slab that has structural damage. Always inspect your concrete slab before making your decision.
Consider This
White Epoxy Flooring
At the end of the day, epoxy flooring is a marvelous option for flooring but don’t let that shadow over your circumstances or what type of area you are in. While epoxy flooring can be the perfect flooring for someone else, the epoxy flooring system may not be the best flooring option for you.