Maintenance tips for epoxy flooring.

Maintenance Tips For

Epoxy Flooring.

Epoxy Flooring
The great thing about an epoxy floor is that maintenance is almost completely nonexistent. However, nothing can last without some type of maintenance routine, whether it is your garage, basement, kitchen, or patio, below are tips that will help lengthen your floors lifespan:

1. If you spill something, simply wipe it up as soon as possible with anything handy. Do not leave spills on your floors for long periods of time.
2. A routinely light mop or sweep is to maintain a hygienic floor and to remove any harmful substances on your floors surface.
3. If for whatever reason you feel the need to heavy clean your epoxy floors, make sure to dust or sweep prior to any scrubbing to remove any debris that could harm your floors. Remember to use non-acidic cleaners that do not contain soap. Heavy soap cleaners leave film like streaks on your glass-like floors, dulling their shine.
4. In snowy areas, during the winter months, we suggest a much more routine rinse of your floors to remove any salt or treatments from being brought onto your floors. If salt and melted snow mix onto your floors and sit on your coating, it can begin to damage your epoxy floors.
5. Use a welcome mat for epoxy that is residential or commercial. This will incline other to wipe dirt and debris off of their shoes before entering your property, essentially, keeping your floors much cleaner.
6. To avoid possible damages to your epoxy floor, before moving or dragging heavy objects, sweep your floors to remove any possible harmful content.

Keep In Mind
Metallic Epoxy
All of the above suggestions are just that, suggestions. I would like to remind you that although epoxy flooring systems are resistant to chemical, water, and oil damage, everything breaks down over time. Epoxy floors are made to last well over 20 years and if you create a routine to upkeep their incredible qualities, then you may have your floors for even longer. A professionally installed epoxy coating is virtually indestructible against even the most uncommon of circumstances and can be installed with unique safety qualities that no other floors can mimic. No matter if you have stamped epoxy concrete to look like wood or marble, your floors will require no more and no less maintenance than the few suggestions mentioned above. Keeping a clean floor is more for hygienic purposes than anything else but if something does ever happen with your strong epoxy floors, give our professionals a call.