Your Guide To Basement Epoxy Flooring

//Your Guide To Basement Epoxy Flooring
Your Guide To

Basement Epoxy Flooring

Whether you plan to completely renovate your basement to use as a playroom, a family room, or a mother-in-law suite, flooring is a big part of your budget. Even if you plan to continue to use your basement as additional storage or a workshop, it is important to apply a waterproof sealant to your floors to keep mold and mildew at bay and to lock out excess moisture. A basement epoxy floor is one of the best ways to preserve and maintain your space.

Heavy rains and flash flooding can literally wreak havoc as water seeps through your foundation into your basement through the floors. If your property has a high moisture table, flooding may cause leaks into the basement that can ruin your existing carpet, tile, or laminate flooring as well as cause other serious damage.

In addition you may be avoiding your basement due to its damp dark appearance. The solution may just be epoxy floor coating.

Most homeowners do not realize that there is an affordable, permanent, and durable solution that can bring years of beauty and usefulness without the bother of repair or maintenance.

A professional contractor can install the same epoxy floor coating in your basement that they do in garages year round. These upgraded concrete floors are easy to maintain, durable and a stunning alternative to boring bare concrete, carpet or tile.

This solution allows you to achieve almost any designer look that you desire because the design options are limitless. If hardwood is the look you are after, it can be accomplished with epoxy flooring, without the anxiety of impending water damage. If you would rather have a high shine marble look or an old world brick floor, epoxy is your best option. There are many other high shine design options, so dream big when it comes to your basement flooring.

Epoxy flooring installation is best left to the professionals because the important preparation work can be tedious and difficult for the do-it-yourself homeowner. Many basement foundations are poured poorly without thought that the intention may one day be to finish the space. There may be cracks and divots in your concrete that need to be addressed prior to application of the epoxy coating. In addition, achieving the proper balance of epoxy resin hardener is a job for an experienced contractor.

Once your epoxy floors have been installed, they are long lasting and durable, and maintenance is a breeze. A simple dry mop and a quick spill clean up is all that is necessary to keep your basement epoxy flooring looking like the first day it was installed.

Choosing epoxy floor coating for your basement is the best option for virtually maintenance free flooring that will last for decades while adding a layer of sealed protection to your flooring.