The Benefits Of Basement Epoxy Flooring

//The Benefits Of Basement Epoxy Flooring
The Benefits Of

Basement Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring is a system of concrete floor coating that applies a resin hardener to the prepared surface of any concrete floor or subfloor. When used in a basement there can be many benefits, whether the basement is used as extra storage or a fully finished media room or mother-in-law suite. Many homeowners do not understand the benefits that epoxy can have when applied in a basement.
Epoxy floor coating is one of the most affordable flooring choices you can make for your basement. Because most basements already have concrete flooring, you are using the materials that are already in place and just adding a decorative coating to the surface of the floor. Once the surface of the concrete is properly prepared by repairing any cracks or filling divots, the application of the epoxy coating and top coat hardener is a relatively quick process, saving on installation labor costs that can drive the price of your basement flooring project even higher. The square footage cost is typically 30-40% less than carpet and 50- 70% less than tille. In addition, the longevity of these floors makes them even more affordable as you will not be paying to repair or replace them anytime soon.
The Most Design Options
When you choose to have epoxy coating installed for your basement flooring the design options are limitless. Not only are the custom color options virtually endless, but you can also choose specialized design features such as etching, which is cutting patterns into the flooring prior to epoxy application, or stamping, which is using rubber stamp designs to create a pattern on the floor. When you combine these design options with custom color, you can create any designer look that you envision. You can choose to mimic wood, brick, stone, or tile when you choose epoxy flooring for your basement.
Moisture Resistant
Basements are known for being damp or even dank places that are prone to leaks and/ or flooding. Epoxy floor coating is a water resistant substance that creates a barrier to block distortion that can be caused by spills or water damage. Epoxy floor provide surface for your basement that is nearly impervious to water damage.
Durable and Long Lasting
Epoxy floors can legitimately last for decades, as opposed to carpets that need to be replaced every time there is a leak or flood levels rise. Epoxy floor coating protect your concrete from damge caused by water or other spills and also makes your floors more resistant to cracks and dings. The strength that epoxy resin hardener imparts on your concrete floors makes it extremely long lasting as well. Epoxy is resistant to stains, cracks, and peeling, and will add beauty to your basement for many years to come.
Low maintenance
Epoxy flooring is virtually maintenance free. Its simple upkeep is one of the primary reasons that many homeowners choose to add an epoxy floor coating to their basement floors. By coving the concrete, there is a reduction of dust and cement particles that often build up on cement floors. This not only makes your floor easier to clean, but it also keeps your furniture and other surfaces free and clear of excess dust. You can easily sweep or dry mop your epoxy floor coating to a beautiful shine.

Once you have considered the advantages of epoxy floor coating for your basement floor, it is difficult to see any other viable option. Once you have decided to have epoxy installed in your basement it is important to consult a professional to discuss the installation process as you make your flooring decisions moving forward.